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ACMS Series 2014

Welcome to the ACMS (Affordable, Controlled, Micro Sprints) Series.

We are looking forward to a great 2014 Season with our expanded driver roster and expanded schedule. Hope to see you all at the track!


Race Releases

Gunnar Layton, after dropping out of the lead in the Heat Race due to a chain issue and having to start 8th in the Feature, comes back to win his first ACMS Series race and take the overall series points lead.

Heat Line-Up:
#71 Tim Glacken, #27 Dave Hawkins, #5 Sean Garman, #69 Tom Whittall, #7L Gunnar Layton, #5J Logan Jones, #89 Lance Yeager, #4 Brent Sparks, #67 Justin Whittall DNS: #9 Al Vican