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ACMS Series 2016

Welcome to the ACMS (Affordable Controlled Micro Sprints) Series.

2016 looks to be a big year for the ACMS Series. Tammy and Aria Zanghi have joined us to help with the duties at the track. We have acquired a couple new sponsors that will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Race Releases

The ACMS 600 Stock Series sponsored by Cornerstone Financial Partners, Inc. had 14 cars sign in for the third race of the year. Warm-ups gave us a chance to check out the track after a Friday night of rain. The track was heavy but fast.

We had two awesome heat races this evening and the winners were #41 Brooklyn Gable and #39 Anthony Macri. Gable drew the pill for the top 8 invert putting #31 Roger Weaver on the pole for the feature event.