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ACMS Series 2015

Welcome to the ACMS (Affordable, Controlled, Micro Sprints) Series.

Here is an update to what is happening for us in 2015. We will be one of the three headlining classes on Saturdays at Path Valley Speedway Park. This means we will be running exclusively at Path Valley. The track will be doing all of the tech as well as running the points and payouts. There will be an end of year point fund as well as trophies. I (Seth Garman) will continue as the ACMS Series promoter and will be taking care of the ACMS Series website and the ACMS Series facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.

Race Releases

Gunnar Layton, driver of the Clark Contractors #7L‬, fought hard with Alan Rhodes and Logan Jones to take his second win in 2015 at Path Valley Speedway Park.

We had 8 cars show up for our fifth race with a couple of new cars showing up in 2015. The track was a little rough but Layton had his car dialed in after doing double duty in both the ACMS Series and the Macri Concrete 600s.

Heat Race Line-Up:

#5 Alan Rhodes, #83 Sean Garman, #‎7L‬ Gunnar Layton, #‎56‬ Jake Frye, #5J Logan Jones, #9 Henry Sparks, #3 Bruce Garner, #29 Daniel Bair